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[Short story] Teali's death :iconzontickles:Zontickles 4 19
[Corrupt and Lag child] Glitch by Zontickles [Corrupt and Lag child] Glitch :iconzontickles:Zontickles 8 12 Celia Cogsmith by Zontickles Celia Cogsmith :iconzontickles:Zontickles 10 12
Like Father Like Daughter
Celia Cogsmith had just finished a day of school, she had been walking home for quite some time now, excited to see her father after a long day in her crazy city. As she walked down an alley towards the main town, three teenagers jumped her from all sides, smiling maliciously. Celia, or ‘Sil’ as she liked to be called stopped at the sudden ambush, spinning around with wide eyes to see them all.
"What in the name of--"
"Shut up!" One shouted. Sil recognised him as Adam Beauregard, a kid that's been teasing her at school for a while now, scolding her for abandoning the inventor name her family has been so famous for.
Celia had come from a long line of inventors. Her own father, Charles Cogsmith, was one of the very founders of the large industry that fuelled the very heart of their lives. It went far back, all the way to Titanium Cogsmith, 1994. That wasn't his real one, but it became all his ancestors'. And here in 2393, they wore that name with pride. But Celia, although sh
:iconzontickles:Zontickles 7 3
A best friend's secrets
"Hey Teali?" Papyrus jumped onto my bed as we entered my room for a small 5 minute rest before we had to go back to training. I followed him with a smile, bouncing onto the soft surface and lacing my hands behind my head.
"Can I ask you a question please? You don't have to answer if you  don't want to though!"
I raised an eyebrow at my best friend, wanting him to go on. I'd never keep secrets from Paps, so I'd tell him anything. "Shoot"
He smiled at this then sat up properly and looked at me.
"Could you possibly tell me Teali...about how you lost your--"
"Eye?" I interrupted. Knowing what he was going to say as soon as he said 'lost'. He nodded, looking at me with a kind of unsure expression, as if what he asked me shouldn't have been said.
I sighed and leaned back, and to Papyrus' surprise, I smiled a little then looked at him.
"I'd never keep anything from you Paps, so...yeah..I can tell you. Can't believe you didn't know. Your my best friend! You should know everything ab
:iconzontickles:Zontickles 5 11


{G/R} Boi X Boi Hmmmm by Rustyx3x {G/R} Boi X Boi Hmmmm :iconrustyx3x:Rustyx3x 19 1 {G} Lucien by Rustyx3x {G} Lucien :iconrustyx3x:Rustyx3x 17 1 Sin headshot by AnnaSNK Sin headshot :iconannasnk:AnnaSNK 8 0
Wow, haven't done this in a while (Requests)(OPEN)
K, I'm currently sorta out suffering from an art block right now... So...
Imma open requests for now BUT THERE ARE RULES. I SWEAR TO ARCEUS IF YOU DON'T READ THEM... I'll just ignore you. XD
SO, FIRST THING'S FIRST: This is for Personas. NOT OCs. I want to draw people's Personas to get some practice on things that aren't skeletons. (I'll still consider skele-sonas but DON'T REQUEST OCs)
With that out of the way lemme state a few rules:
- You gotta be a watcher. (and no, you can't watch just because you want a request)
- All request will be done in a sketch format unless I choose otherwise.
- So, you want me to draw your persona? Here:
            - Tell me it's name
            - Give me a Reference Drawing of them (NEED TO HAVE COLORS IF YOU WANT ME TO COLOR IT)
            - Give me one thing you like about my art and one thing you think I need to improve on.
- Lastl
:iconthe-rl-bonehead:The-RL-Bonehead 6 9
''I made this for you with all my love'' by The-RL-Bonehead ''I made this for you with all my love'' :iconthe-rl-bonehead:The-RL-Bonehead 18 3 Mars Under Neptune's Love Ch1 Elemental Rules 12 by tekitourabbit Mars Under Neptune's Love Ch1 Elemental Rules 12 :icontekitourabbit:tekitourabbit 85 22 Pride month Nectos x Tenkei by CyaneWorks Pride month Nectos x Tenkei :iconcyaneworks:CyaneWorks 49 21 Time Scar - 97 by C-Puff Time Scar - 97 :iconc-puff:C-Puff 209 64 Time Scar - 96 by C-Puff Time Scar - 96 :iconc-puff:C-Puff 159 29 Smudge by Smudgeandfrank Smudge :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 196 11 DTTVerse: Chapter I page XX (Bonus) by Loumun-Versen DTTVerse: Chapter I page XX (Bonus) :iconloumun-versen:Loumun-Versen 15 13 Ya Girl Pearl by Sheepaleepz Ya Girl Pearl :iconsheepaleepz:Sheepaleepz 14 6 Helitton by DarkLightningRUS Helitton :icondarklightningrus:DarkLightningRUS 4 0 TTS - You Don't Remember Me GIF by BubblesRRJ TTS - You Don't Remember Me GIF :iconbubblesrrj:BubblesRRJ 11 1 [SPOILERS] Ever seen somebody ruin they own life by zarla [SPOILERS] Ever seen somebody ruin they own life :iconzarla:zarla 1,635 274





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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I am a HUGE fan of fantasy, I love dancing, music and obviously art!! I want to get as good as I can because drawing is what I enjoy. I hope the people who look at my drawings like what they see!!!!

Here are some of my awesome friends!! They are the best people ever and you should definitely go check them out!!!


:icondiscordcelestia: - Amazing Pony artwork! And one of my irl friends!!

:iconkazerzed: - Another irl friend! Beautiful art for Undertale, mlp and her own original works!

:iconannasnk: - An Undertale and Role play buddy!! Great artist! Check her out!

:iconsnowynxx: - adorable drawings and wonderful friend!

:iconthesepticscorpion: - irl buddy and very good surreal artist as well as some Undertale and art work and other pieces!

:iconzeragii: - My Idol!! They give me so much inspiration and advice!! And they are an amazing artist with an especially amazing comic that I am reading!

:iconjunetheglassesbearer: - Oh my god this person is amazing! Brilliant artwork and an amazing Role player!

:iconmidnight197: - Vanni!! Kind and amazing!

:iconcrimzan4: - CRIMP!!! *HUGS!*

:iconreapersmilodon: - Quill is such an amazing artist!! And an awesome Roleplay buddy!!

:iconzabellesscribe: - Another inspiration to me! She is so nice and gives me brilliant feedback and advice! And they are going to be starting a comic soon too!

:iconsaltylittlemidget: - MY WAIFU!! AND AN AMAZING WAIFU SHE IS!

:iconghosheart: - Mlp/Undertale and other pieces! An amazing person!

:iconlittle-lisika: - An absolutely kind, beautiful person! She draws wolves and is absolutely amazing at it! and another irl friend!

:iconterraskull:- irl friend! makes amazing pixel art and undertale!

:iconsoftstorms: - irl friend! Does amazing writing! Love his stories and poems!

Please check out all these absolutely amazing people!!


Zontickles has started a donation pool!
72 / 500
I was told to make one of these cause of this person who wants to give me points so yay!!! I'm so happy!! I don't know what i should put my goal at so I'll just put 500.
I really want to get core though so if i get enough points I may be able to get it!!

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can anyone send me the link to My Little Pony season 8 episode 10? Can't find one that works!
Cute lil' Nappy
Hey everyone! Back again with a cute fish-dog!! XD

This is Nappy~ owned by Reniei ! He is in our rp with Amare and Sarinx and belongs to Sarinx! He feeds on magic and even ate Corrupt's soul XD so adorable~
He is a cute little fish-dog and I love him very much! (Amare is very jealous of him though) 

Hope you like! Make sure to fav and leave a comment!


Nappy - Reniei 

Here we have Hazel! A timid little Phouka who is nervous around everyone except for her strong demonic girlfriend Myrun~
She travels with a group of 11 friends in the woods and has lots of fun with them!
I'll be making more of these guys soon, next up Cucat!!


Hazel - Zontickles 
[Pride month] SPREAD THE LOVE!
Hey everyone! Here's a lovely pic for Pride month!! Corrupt and Pix!! 

I was gonna do some pic with Pixel painting rainbows all over Corri, making her really annoyed, but it would have taken ages XD and I wanted to try lineless!!

I hope all LGBTQ+ have a wonderful month! Know that we all are absolutely amazing people and deserve to love who we want!
((KazerZed Here's a kiss for you, my love!)) 



Pixel - Zontickles 
Corrupt - Zontickles 
Sorry for the inactivity, this week is exams then I'll be able to draw more again! I'll try and do little drawings to upload for you guys!
SaltyLittleMidget !!! I DREW OUR CHILD!


I HOPE YOU LIKE IT WAIFU!!!! rainbow dash my little pony mlp bronyGIF My Little Pony - Jump Rainbow Dash Yay Icon Flutter Shy|My Little Pony|MLP|Icon|Decoration GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! GIF My Little Pony - Laugh  


Gumball- SaltyLittleMidget  and Zontickles (ME!)
Darkness and Love~
Hey everyone! This is my lovely Love bird Amare Avium and the very impersonation of Darkness itself! Malarzic Tenebris!

Amare is an Undertale AU character but Mal is not, but me and KazerZed just needed to see how these two would go~ And they are wonderful~

Mal doesn't have a soul for Amare to take, so in order to make Amare happy he literally made one out of darkness itself, since darkness is everywhere, and that made Amare very happy~! Plus Mal also doesn't mind that Amare flirts with others to get souls because well, Mal sees no problem in it!
(If you know Latin you can see why the title is what it is~)
I hope you like!! Make sure to fave and comment I really appreciate it!!


Malarzic Tenebris- KazerZed 
Amare Avium- Zontickles  
Sorry for not much art lately!! I'm working on it!! XD

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