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[FlowerGlitch] Chapter 2 'Snowdin'
This took more that i though it would- Im sorry for the long wait guys, this months was the most difficults i had, but now i can say that i have a little more of free time! I hope Chapter 3 don't take this long...
Chapter 2
“Here we go” and they all crossed that big door.
Once in the snow the door slammed behind them, closing itself, maybe forever.
Despite that the little house in the ruins was very comfortable and filled all Jessica’s needs, she just didn’t wanted to stay there, if it wasn’t for Froggit or Whimsun she would never get enough strength to keep going, she owe them a lot.
“G-Golly, I didn’t remember t-that this place was t-this cold” Froggit said trembling “A-And we have a long w-way to go t-to Snowdin... S-so that means w-we can’t stop, c-come on” Man, he was really desperate, it seems that he doesn’t like cold
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am a HUGE fan of fantasy, I love dancing, music and obviously art!! I want to get as good as I can because drawing is what I enjoy. I hope the people who look at my drawings like what they see!!!!

Here are some of my awesome friends!! They are the best people ever and you should definitely go check them out!!!

:icondiscordcelestia: - Amazing Pony artwork! And one of my irl friends!!

:iconkazerzed: - Another irl friend! Beautiful art for Undertale, mlp and her own original works!

:iconannashingekinokoijn: - An Undertale and Role play buddy!! Great artist! Check her out!

:iconicysnowy-chan: - adorable drawings and wonderful friend!

:iconthesepticscorpion: - irl buddy and very good surreal artist as well as some Undertale and art work and other pieces!

:iconzeragii: - My Idol!! They give me so much inspiration and advice!! And they are an amazing artist with an especially amazing comic that I am reading!

:iconmeganeandpapers: - Oh my god this person is amazing! Brilliant artwork and an amazing Role player!

:iconzabellesscribe: - Another inspiration to me! She is so nice and gives me brilliant feedback and advice! And they are going to be starting a comic soon too!

:iconmlp-and-anime-rock: - MY WAIFU!! AND AN AMAZING WAIFU SHE IS!

:iconghosheart: - Mlp/Undertale and other pieces! An amazing person!

:iconlisikka: - An absolutely kind, beautiful person! She draws wolves and is absolutely amazing at it! and another irl friend!

:iconmidnightflare13: - Mlp! and her art is as wonderful as her heart!

:iconterraskull:- irl friend! makes amazing pixel art and undertale!

:iconsoftstorms: - irl friend! Does amazing writing! Love his stories and poems!

Please check out all these absolutely amazing people!!


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I was told to make one of these cause of this person who wants to give me points so yay!!! I'm so happy!! I don't know what i should put my goal at so I'll just put 500.
I really want to get core though so if i get enough points I may be able to get it!!

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[The Final Reset] Liam
Hey!! So a friend of mine karma476 has been writing an awesome Undertale AU story called 'The Final Reset' and I offered to draw the original character in it! Meet Liam!! He appears in 'The Final Reset' and another fanfic he is writing called 'The ash Saga' Go check him out!!! Here's the story of him!

Although Asriel Dreemurr is the main protagonist in The Final Reset, Liam does play a significant role in it. In Act 2, he is given the role of protagonist. And in my mega crossover, he plays a huge role in that as well. He was born before the war between humans and monsters. His human father fell in love with a monster, and that was how Liam was born. He has the appearance of a normal human boy, but he has the powers and abilities of a monster. After the war, his father was executed for being a monster sympathizer, and his mother was sealed in the Underground with the rest of the monsters. She mysteriously died down there. Liam was completely wracked with grief, but if he used his powers then, the humans would've killed him. Instead, he went into hiding. By the time he reached the age of 20, he stopped aging. This was when he first discovered his powers, as well as his immortality. He began traveling all around the world, curing the sick and helping those in need for centuries. Some even called him the "Second Coming of Christ," although he's far from it, actually. By the beginning of the 21st century, he was still using his powers to help people. But many were terrified of what Liam could do, and eventually, the military apprehended him and held him captive in a facility. There, Liam was nothing but a test subject. A lab rat, if you will. He was tortured and experimented upon. Because he was not cooperating, the lead scientist attempted to brainwash Liam. He failed, and Liam was able to escape. But he also killed everybody in the facility. He was on the run from the authorities for a while. Once Asriel used the seven human SOULs to break the barrier, Liam looked EVERYWHERE for his mother. And the only thing that was left of Tavia was a final message to Liam from an echo flower in Waterfall. To this day, Liam goes to school with Frisk, Asriel, Chara, and Monster Kid. After he saved Asriel from a deteriorating artificial SOUL, Mettaton announced to the entire world who Liam truly is. He's a really talented and passionate singer. Although he lives in America, he loves Canada. Asgore has given Liam a home in his new castle on the surface, and there Liam met Shiva, his servant. But thanks to Shiva's ability to read minds, the two are now in a relationship. Liam and Shiva are now boyfriend and girlfriend, and no longer master and servant. Now, in combat, Liam has MANY tricks up his sleeve. He uses magic to fight. If his magic is red, he uses that to destroy. If his magic is a sort of cerulean blue, he uses that to protect. He has the ability to teleport, create portals, completely phase right though enemy attacks....he can even use his magic to materialize a sword in his hand. It's more like a sabre, really. The blade is pure crystal, too. Liam may be quite the smartass, but he has made a vow to help those in need, despite his anti-hero-like personality and what the humans did to his parents all those years ago.

I hope you like it karma476 !!

Here is a link to his fanfic Portal!!…

OMG YES! I Wish I lived in this time like YEES!! 
Hey goiys.

Unfortunately I'm putting drawing on hold for next week, I'm not going to be able to as much pick up my computer pen for a while because I have so much school work to do!! Once next week is over hopefully I'll get a break but who knows, maybe it'll continue. I hope you can understand! 

I will still be able to be on DA and stuff don't worry, just the drawing thing will have to slow for a little bit. I SHALL BE DRAWING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
hmmm dang I can't think of many others for you to guess. Well, actually, I can think of a heap but I've never drawn them and no one will know a thing about them. hehe! Well, I guess I'll stop this then.
She has all of the time in the world. chillaxed, blue cog eyes.

guess who??
EDIT!! I changed her theme song so go listen to it if you wanna hear!!!

Pixel was wanted most! So Let's do it on her!! YAY!!! I love this girl!

this is what she looks like (if you don't already know)
Pixel (Ink Teali) by Zontickles


1: their voice

 Her voice is very posh and a bit lighter and higher than usual, but not squeeky. It suits her personality!

2: their smile

 Very friendly and kind, it can brighten up anyone's day!! Her smiles are never fake, they are always filled with love and compassion.

3: their greatest achievement

 Falling in love with Corrupt, They were the worst enemies in the past. Ink's and Errors always are. Corrupt was probably the best thing that has ever happened to her, they love each other so much!

4: their insecurities

 Pixel doesn't own her own soul, she can only feel emotions because of the human souls she has contained in her colour gun.
(those glowy colours in the loader) When she was souless she actually killed eight kids in order to take their souls because she wanted to feel. This is her biggest insecurity, the fear that people would hate her if they knew about what she did. And being the kind, loving person she is, (which she could only be because of the souls) she feels absolutely awful about it.

5: their shortcomings

 She can be quite naive at times and gets tricked easily. Her kindness can be her downfall.

6: how they deal with grief 

 She doesn't take it very well, but Corrupt is always there to comfort her. 

7: how they like to dress 
 Pixel never leaves home without all of her gear, and she carries quite a lot!! (her gun, paint brush, drop tool, sash of grenades, glasses) her clothes are in the picture shown.

8: what they like to eat
Pixel absolutely LOVES tea! She actually has this strange power of being able to summon a cup of tea whenever she wants! It's very useful for her!

9: their theme

Now the only video I could get of this song is with the actual game so please forgive me!!! I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG! But this is what I would like Pixel's fight theme to be! I think it suits her!!

10: their fashion sense
she is very fashionista!! She loves choosing clothes and matching colours because of her passion of creativity!

11: their family life
She doesn't have parents that she knows of, Corrupt is the only family she has.

12: their romantic life

Corrupt: why-y-y-y-y me of course!!

13: their embarrassing memory from years ago

 hmmm, when she was younger, she drew gore art and dark stuff, at that time, Corrupt was her enemy and she caught her doing it. Pixel was furious and never drew dark stuff again, she hates it now anyways

14: how they react to burning their tongue on food

 She would do a high pitch scream then have a continuous ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!!

15: how they react to a brainfreeze

a really scrunchy face as she hits her head.

16: their dreams

 Pixel doesn't sleep that often but when she does, they can vary from happy family times to weird events to her doing something crazy!!

17: their ambitions
She wishes to forever protect the multiverse from all harm

18: how they sleep

she sleeps very tidily and politely

19: their reaction to betrayal
she would be in absolute sadness and tears, and then anger. She wouldn't attack the the betrayer because she would have trusted them and wouldn't have the heart to injure them.

20: their reaction to a mystery love letter

 If it was before her relationship with Corrupt, she would be very startled. As soon as she would see the first hints of anything lovey she would read it very quickly and be quite shocked but also quite happy. If it was with corrupt she'd go right over to her and kiss her probably because Corrupt wouldn't usually write a love letter.

21: how they react to pain

 She keeps it in as much as she can and tries to stay focused and positive

22: what they're like on two hours of sleep

Clumsy and wobbily, Corrupt usually has to levitate her around as she sleeps. That's what she's like after a hard challenging day!

23: how they act when they're sick

Tired, but she will always be her polite, posh self. Even if she feels like she's going to barf

24: what motivates them

All of the universes safety motivates her to do even better! Corrupt gives her support and jokes but that just helps her even more!

25: why you enjoy them

I love Pixel because she is just so dam nice! She will always help someone in need and she is just so easy to talk to!! Her manners, poshness and politeness is just so adorable and her secrets and backstory is very fascinating!! S
he is definitely one of my favourites and her love for Corrupt is beautiful!!

I hope you enjoyed!! If you want me do another I could!


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